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Teachers & ES Alliance

Why Vote Teachers & ES Alliance in 2015

voting-ballot-boxVote 1 Teachers and ES Alliance

– Enforceable conditions to decrease our workload

– Job security- end contracts

– End the competitive schools agenda; no to test data driven teaching

– Increase public school funding to stop the creeping privatisation of public schools.



Mary Merkenich for Branch President merkenich.mary.h@edumail.vic.gov.au

Steven Adams for Deputy President adams.steven.j@edumail.vic.gov.au

Lucy Honan for Branch Secretary honan.lucy.m@edumail.vic.gov.au

Bronwyn Jennings for Deputy Secretary jennings.bronwyn.bj@edumail.vic.gov.au

Our platform

Politicians and education bureaucrats use test score data to scapegoat us for problems caused by social inequality and severely underfunded public education. Despite the recent Gonski funding, Victoria still spends less per public school student than any other state, while parent fees and our workloads have increased as we try to maintain a decent standard of education for our students. Individual schools can’t afford repairs or other structural needs, relying on businesses, charity or school fees to fund basic programs and infrastructure. So what can we do?

Fight to decrease our workloads with enforceable conditions in our next EBA

This EBA we need enforceable caps on class sizes, allottments, extras and meetings. There should be no ambiguity for principals or state governments about our conditions. ES staff working beyond their dimensions of work need immediate reclassification and pay rises.

We need job security

A pool of relieving teachers and ES staff to cover short vacancies is the only way to end contract dependency. Contracts are at record levels, and only serve to increase principal control whilst disempowering staff and students.

No EBA loopholes

The last Agreement opened a loophole in which the government could change the incremental process to restrict the number of teacher’s incrementing each year. It was only a costly court action and a change of government that stopped this. Loopholes are exploited on a local level regulalry. We need a leadership that doesn’t allow this in EBAs.

Win respect not standardisation

The competition for test scores is creating a corporate culture in public schools that undermines education and teachers. Lesson observations, targets, data obsessions and performance reviews must go, and we must win back democratic decision making over curriculum and trust in teacher expertise.

Improved conditions for CRTs

Victorian CRTs are the lowest paid in the country and they are also victims of ever increasing workload. The more extras permanent teachers get, the less work for CRTs. These valued members need representation on AEU council; they will be their own best advocates.

Support for members and sub branches

Our members resisting data-driven teaching, privatisation schemes like BYOD, cut backs to student services or the increased pressure on staff would get our support to campaign hard, even when it means standing up to government policy, education departments, regional directors and principals.

Time to stand up for our students, our special needs kids and their aids/teachers, for our CRTs, our colleagues in excess, for our colleagues who are not afraid to speak for what is right. We are practicing teachers who are passionate about fighting for a better education system.


Lucy Honan 0404 728 104    tesa.alliance@gmail.com