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Teachers & ES Alliance

Public Funding for Public Schools

All government schools should be funded according to the needs of their students. State Education should be truly a free education, with no necessity for families to pay voluntary levies or buy expensive textbooks. Teachers and ES Alliance believes that no agreement for our working conditions and salaries should be made without an agreement about sufficient financial resources.

The AEU must be committed to campaigning for greater resources for state schools.

Without sufficient funding teachers are constantly put in the position of having to decide between our rightful working conditions and other necessary things, which school budgets fund. These include special payments, time allowances, leading teacher positions, CRT coverage, school programs, camps and excursions, PD and even hiring experienced teachers versus contract teachers.

State schools should be funded on a needs basis, not an arbitrary, abstract formula that essentially cuts back our resources year after year. Education must be a priority for our community and funded accordingly.
Money from the governments (both federal and state) to private schools should be redirected to the government sector.

Currently schools have different levels of funding available to them based on their staffing profile (a situation outside of their control) and the capacity of the families of their student population to pay voluntary levies and raise funds.

State schools should be funded to the level of the elite private schools (who receive government funding). Instead of approximately $9,000 per student, governments would spend approximately $15,000 per student, an increase of 60%.

This level of resources would enable state schools to deliver curriculum that is relevant to all students. It would relieve teachers of being forced to make choices between equally worthy programs or having to quibble over photocopying and equipment costs.

Education would be of a higher standard and free, secular and able to provide equal opportunity to all children and young people, regardless of their socio-economic background.

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