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Vote No the Proposed Agreement 2017

By Steven Adams


Part 1 About the Author and overview.

I started teaching as a Mathematics teacher in 2004 and joined the AEU the same year. In 2005 I moved to Hallam Senior College where I have been for the last 13 years. During most of that time I have been on Consultation Committee and/or part of the sub-branch executive. I have spent two separate stints on AEU Branch Council one from 2010-12 and other from 2016 to present.

I have previously advocated against the last two agreements. Even someone who is as critical as me has to admit that the proposed agreement has a number of gains across a number of areas. For the sake of time I will let the AEU leadership outline these and instead focus on the side of the argument that they won’t focus on.

In every vote like the one we will be expected to do, voters need to make an informed decision. What this means is that both sides of the argument need to be considered before we can truly make an informed vote. I hope that this document will be even valuable to those who end up voting ‘Yes’ to give a bit of background to why people like myself will be voting ‘No’.

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Help, I need better working conditions – my health is endangered.

Help, I need better working conditions – my health is endangered.

Forty to fifty percent of graduate teachers leave teaching within the first 5 years. Surveys reveal that they feel burnt out, unsupported, frustrated and disillusioned. Research shows that long serving teachers are retiring early (if they can afford to) and most are feeling utterly spent.

The Australian Council For Educational Research (ACER) conducted a survey in 2016, of 13,000 AEU members. It revealed that teachers work around 53 hours a week and principals about 60 hours a week.

The ACER report adds “About one half of support staff are able to complete work during their formal working hours and of those who do work at school outside their paid attendance hours, they typically work an additional 2.6 hours.”

Many long-serving teachers seek individual solutions to the exhausting workload by going part time, if they can get it and if they can afford it. This illustrates that the education system is in a bad way. Teachers, who are members of a union should not have to seek individual solutions.

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Class sizes Matter

Article by Mary Merkenich, AEU State councilor and member of Teachers & ES Alliance.

Abridged version published in Green Left Weekly 4 May 2013.


Adam Creighton asserts, in an article he wrote (April 20th, 2013) in the Australian, that “Teachers unions in Australia and worldwide have been astonishingly successful at hoodwinking the public into thinking smaller classes matter.” As a teacher with over 30 years’ teaching experience and a member of the Australian Education Union, articles such as these trouble and irritate me.

They trouble me because I know they belong to a conviction that financial considerations are more important than human needs. They irritate me because they display ignorance about what it is really like to be a teacher in front of a class.

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