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2017 proposed EBA – say NO!

Click here for a PDF version that includes graphs. Vote No to the Proposed Agreement 2017

Vote No the Proposed Agreement 2017

By Steven Adams


Part 1 About the Author and overview.

I started teaching as a Mathematics teacher in 2004 and joined the AEU the same year. In 2005 I moved to Hallam Senior College where I have been for the last 13 years. During most of that time I have been on Consultation Committee and/or part of the sub-branch executive. I have spent two separate stints on AEU Branch Council one from 2010-12 and other from 2016 to present.

I have previously advocated against the last two agreements. Even someone who is as critical as me has to admit that the proposed agreement has a number of gains across a number of areas. For the sake of time I will let the AEU leadership outline these and instead focus on the side of the argument that they won’t focus on.

In every vote like the one we will be expected to do, voters need to make an informed decision. What this means is that both sides of the argument need to be considered before we can truly make an informed vote. I hope that this document will be even valuable to those who end up voting ‘Yes’ to give a bit of background to why people like myself will be voting ‘No’.
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Why Vote Teachers & ES Alliance in 2015

voting-ballot-boxVote 1 Teachers and ES Alliance

– Enforceable conditions to decrease our workload

– Job security- end contracts

– End the competitive schools agenda; no to test data driven teaching

– Increase public school funding to stop the creeping privatisation of public schools.



Mary Merkenich for Branch President merkenich.mary.h@edumail.vic.gov.au

Steven Adams for Deputy President adams.steven.j@edumail.vic.gov.au

Lucy Honan for Branch Secretary honan.lucy.m@edumail.vic.gov.au

Bronwyn Jennings for Deputy Secretary jennings.bronwyn.bj@edumail.vic.gov.au

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Gillard’s School Rewards Will Encourage Poaching and Cheating

Media release from http://www.saveourschools.com.au — Labor’s $100 000 reward for schools which most improve their results will encourage them to cheat and rort their results, poach high achieving students from each other and discriminate against other students says Save Our Schools, a public education advocacy group.


SOS spokesperson, Trevor Cobbold, said that the scheme will be another huge waste of money that could be better used to fund schools with high student learning needs rather than dissipated in fruitless and destructive competition between schools for students.

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