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Teachers & ES Alliance

Abolish the VIT

 Established in December 2001, the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) was set up with the stated aim of regulating and promoting the teaching profession in Victoria.


Many years later, Teachers Alliance believes that it’s become clear that the VIT has no useful role to play in assisting teachers in any way.  We believe that the AEU should withdraw all support from the VIT and instead campaign for changes that would really benefit teachers.

INSTEAD of supporting the registration process imposed on graduate teachers, (which involves the creation of a detailed portfolio used to judge whether graduate teachers should be allowed full registration) the AEU should be aiming to ensure that all graduate teachers and their mentors have appropriate support including time release.


INSTEAD of supporting the VIT charging $80+ ($100+) for graduates!) a year for membership of an institution to “promote the teaching profession,” the AEU should be directing it’s efforts towards a public campaign in defence of public education.  It should start with a campaign to eliminate the contracts that 80% of first year teachers are on!


INSTEAD of supporting the abstract promotion of teaching, the AEU should be focusing on how the critical teacher shortage can e addressed and demanding an increase in State and Federal Education funding.


An education union that was committed to running an active, public campaign to improve the conditions of teachers and the public education system could take on most of the supposed roles of the VIT, more effectively and more democratically.


Teachers have enough on their plate—we don’t need the VIT.

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